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About Shini USA

Whether it’s high-efficiency plastic granulators or a diverse line of hot oil units, desiccant dryers and more, Shini USA, Division of Budzar Industries offers the quality needed to succeed in a wide range of industries that includes everything from blow and injection molding to the chemical and beverage, rubber and pharmaceutical industries.

Shini USA, Division of Budzar Industries expands the customer's buying experience and provides outstanding service along with local support to the Plastic Processing Industry. Whether you are in need of Industrial Temperature Control Equipment (Portable Chillers, Mold Temperature Controllers, Hot Oil Units), Industrial Plastic Scrap Recycling (Low Speed Granulators, Staggered Blade/Beside the PressGranulators, Central Solid Rotor/Staggered Blade Granulators or Central Open Rotor/Scissor Cut Granulators), Hopper Loaders (Compressed Air Venturi Loader, Vacuum Loaders - Self Contained Hopper Loaders), or Dryers (Honeycomb Desiccant Wheel Dryer Cabinet Series, Portable Desiccant Wheel Drying Cart with Drying Hopper, Drying Hoppers) or a Hot Air Hopper Dryers Shini USA, Division of Budzar Industries will meet your needs.

To learn more about our plastic granulators, hot oil units, desiccant dryers or any of our other plastic processing equipment, be sure to contact us today.